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A heavy rain and high tides on Sept. 21 challenged all of the swales on Hypoluxo Island, including the rocky one that Patrick McGeehin created in his yard. Water was much deeper on some parts of the island’s drive. Jerry Lower/The Coastal Star

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9381181669?profile=RESIZE_710xState Road A1A is the main street for barrier island residents and routinely floods. This location in Ocean Ridge, with three sloped driveways and no swales, flooded June 15 after less than an inch of rain. Jerry Lower/ The Coastal Star


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After Eta’s deluges, Floridians looking for all the help they can get

8241427257?profile=RESIZE_710xABOVE: North Atlantic Drive looked more like a lake than a road on Hypoluxo Island after Tropical Storm Eta blew through Nov. 8-9. Jerry Lower/The Coastal Star
BELOW: Boca Raton res

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7960881477?profile=originalABOVE: Resident Clair Johnson had 1,200 sandbags placed along the east side of Marine Way in anticipation of floods from king tides and storms. BELOW: City workers removed the bags, much to Johnson’s dismay. Photos by Tim Stepien/The Coastal Star



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