bahamas (9)

7960896652?profile=originalColumnist Arden Moore is surrounded by Bahamian potcakes, mutts named for the leftover rice in the bottom of cooking pots that islanders occasional feed them. Early this year Moore visited a shelter in the Bahamas that Hurricane Dorian destroyed last

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7960730653?profile=originalDan Friedman of Delray Beach shows a yellowfin tuna caught on a sardine chunk by Capt. Mike Simko,

background, in Northwest Providence Channel south of Freeport, Bahamas.

7960731060?profile=originalFinding birds (red splotches) on radar is the key to finding schools of feeding

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By Willie Howard

    Boating the waters near Mar-a-Lago was restricted when then President-elect Donald Trump visited his luxurious estate in Palm Beach for the holidays during late December and early January.
    Boaters enjoying the waters near t

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