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  • Boynton Beach to Flush Water Lines with Chlorine


    BOYNTON BEACH, FL --- (July 2, 2018)  The City of Boynton Beach will temporarily modify the disinfection process utilized to treat its drinking water from July 30 through August 17. Customers may notice a slight chlorine taste, or odor, in their tap water.


    These temporary conditions will not cause adverse health effects. Those sensitive to the taste, or odor, of chlorine, can place an open container of drinking water in the refrigerator for a few hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate.


    Users of home dialysis machines, owners of tropical fish and managers of stores, and restaurants with fish and shellfish holding tanks are advised to seek professional advice as the method for removing chlorine residuals differs from removing chloramine residuals from tap water.


    This is an annual preventative maintenance process in order to maintain the City’s high standard of clean water distribution. Please call 561.742.6964 for further information.

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