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The Plate: Oceano’s new owners keep it fresh, local

The Plate: Apple & Farro Salad, with arugula, dried cherries and pecans

The Place: Oceano Kitchen, 201 E. Ocean Ave., Lantana;

The Price: $16 (cash only)

The Skinny: We came to love chef-owner Dak Kerprich for his quirky takes on pizza and other fare at this space’s former incarnations of Pizzeria Oceano and Jerk Oceano.

He sold the place this year to Jeremy and Cindy Bearman, who share his enthusiasm for fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The menu changes daily, according to what’s available.

For our visit, we enjoyed this fresh salad, with slices of apple, crisp arugula, plus dried cherries and pecans, topped with farro — an ancient grain — and served with a shaving of pecorino and a drizzling of a buttermilk dressing.

I liked the nutty quality of the farro, which contrasted well with the sweet slices of apple and bits of dried cherry.

Also tasty: A pizza of Calabrese sausage and peppers that boasted a feather-light crust. 

It’s perfection, any way you slice it.

— Scott Simmons

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