7960566886?profile=originalDelray Beach lawyer Mindy Farber, with rescue dogs Cara, Nicky and Abbey,

advocates for nonprofits, veterans, women, minorities and homeless pets.

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By Arden Moore

    There are people who champion the cause for pets by fostering rescues, volunteering in animal shelters, organizing pet events and bringing their well-mannered therapy pets into nursing homes and schools.
    I applaud the contributions made by all of these people. And, I admire a special breed of pet advocate: the legal beagles. These people are committed to working with local, state and national lawmakers to make this a better planet for cats, dogs and other companion animals.
    In Delray Beach, there is a very active legal beagle: attorney Mindy Farber. In practice for more than three decades, she specializes in civil rights law for nonprofits, veterans, women, minorities and homeless pets.
    She splits her time between residences in Delray Beach and Maryland with her husband and their three well-traveled rescue dogs: Cara, Nicky and Abbey. She serves on the board for the nonprofit Pet Connect Rescue (petconnectrescue.org) in Potomac, Md.
    Farber worked with state legislators in Maryland to pass a bill recently that prohibits the sale of animals in pet stores. She is currently working with the state’s House Judiciary committee to get a bill passed that would require people found guilty of animal cruelty to not only serve time in prison but also pay restitution toward the financing of any bills related to injuring or killing animals.
    Locally, she is hard at work on finding a solution to address homeless, abandoned animals found on the streets of Delray Beach. Two days after Christmas, she was shopping in downtown Delray Beach when she came across a very weak, mange-filled, little red dog.
    “When I found this dog, I called the city immediately and said, ‘Help! There is a dog who is struggling here, just lying on the street,’” recalls Farber. “This dog was dying and I was frantic to find a way to get her medical attention, but was told that the city of Delray Beach does not have an animal control officer and was told to call the county. Well, I tried, but the phone kept ringing busy.”
    During this time, Farber called out to passersby for help but to no avail.
    “This dog had ooze pouring out of her ears and eyes,” she says. “While my husband took our three dogs home, I called out to everyone for assistance — bikers, drivers, joggers, walkers and people with baby carriages. But all averted their eyes.”
    Fortunately, members of Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue were nearby setting up their booth for rescued dogs to be adopted. One member assisted Farber by placing the sick dog in a van and taking it to a veterinary clinic where the dog received life-saving treatment. The dog has not yet been adopted. The plight of this dog has motivated Farber to lobby with the Delray Beach City Commission. She wants to find a way to allow a nonprofit animal organization to have use of the vacant animal shelter building for a yearly rent of $1.
    Farber, who has lived in Delray Beach for a decade, is quick to say she is not critical of the city. “I’m looking for a way that a nonprofit animal group can do a much-needed government service that the government currently cannot provide,” she says.
    I reached out to city officials regarding Farber’s proposal. Commissioner Mitch Katz explained that the city is doing a complete inventory of all city-owned buildings, including those that are vacant.
    “We will not be making a decision on any building until the analysis is done, which should be within a month or so,” says Katz, adding that he wants more information on how such an arrangement between the city and a nonprofit group would be set up.
    In an email reply, Vice Mayor Shelly Petrolia wrote, “I would be in support of the city offering a building to temporarily shelter animals by a nonprofit … as long as it received a majority commission vote. I would only agree to consider something like this following an inventory and evaluation of all properties owned by the city, which is currently in the process.”
    In the meantime, Farber is maintaining her advocacy efforts for companion animals in need, both here and in Maryland.
    “As a lawyer, I’ve worked hard for many years and never took very many vacations,” she says. “I am blessed in many ways and now I want to give back and to use my legal skills to advance issues, like helping homeless animals.”
    She is definitely my kind of legal beagle.

Arden Moore, founder of FourLeggedLife.com, is an animal behavior consultant, editor, author, professional speaker and master     certified pet first aid instructor. Each week, she hosts the popular Oh Behave! show on PetLifeRadio.com. Learn more by visiting fourleggedlife.com.

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  • Chaz, man to man- you are one very ignorant SOB. You belittle women, you degrade others and frankly you are not worth the toilet paper I wipe my as* with.  In other words, you are worthless.  I  love how these other wonderful caring people Linda, Sherri to name a few,  solely care about the animals that have no voice.  That is what should matter after all.  What do you care about? Your friendship with Daniel Rose?  Have you checked out his reputation with the Florida Bar?  Not so good.  Stop posting, you sound like an idiot. You, Chaz are a complete moron.   Go help walk the dogs in the tiny little store front that the Founder is forging her paperwork with the City of BR.  501c3 rescue...... yeah right!  

  • Not really bright...  The level of stupidity here is amazing.  Just when you think someone can't get any more moronic, in chimes Linda Sue.

  • I always post under my name, except when I don't.

    - Sherri Manfretti

  • You, and others, are too looney for my taste -- trying to beat up on Sandra, who is out there making a difference ... while you're blasting away here, she's saving pet's lives.

    As for me, I don't give a flying f about you, your story, or any of the details.  You and others have been an endless bleating,  nonstop simpering, bitching and moaning about some perceived slight.

    Truly, you're like bear dung in the forest -- you simply do not have foot hold in my life.

    Good day and good riddance.

  • and who am I exactly Chaz posting as?  Myself, everytime.  How is that hiding from anything?   Like I have told you, I have always posted as myself .  You are dead wrong but you can believe whatever you want to believe.  

  • ahh No Chaz,  I have always posted under my name .   Many have not, and many chose to run away.  I posted nothing wrong,  Opinions, we all know what those are like and everyone has one.   Sandra finding the need to harass me yesterday is what has me here today.  I am not worried about glass houses or rocks Chaz  what anyone who reads these comments thinks of me is their choice.  I assume Xena  will post what she thinks threatens me on here or have you or someone else do for her. No worries, been there, done that.  My skeletons are well documented publicly also.   ;)  right back at you Chaz, like I said anything that would make you wink at me, is well documented and not a surprise to anyone.  (except maybe strangers, well then them their opinion really doesn't affect me now does it? )    Though I really doubt I am worth your time trolling.  I am  not a who's who, I have no one to impress , and before today only had 2 comments on here one about the the article, and one about the rescue I posted about two weeks ago.   Have a great day. 

  • So you thought you could post anonymously here and that wasn't harassing ... but when you're uncloaked, and the receipient of your nonsense pushes back, that's harassing?

    That's like Mr. Barth not trying to collect his back due rent...

  • Sherri;

    Thanks for letting the public know you're one of the anon commenters.  As a professional troll, let me offer this advice to you -- I'd be really careful throwing rocks at glass houses ... as everyone has skeletons, hell, mine are well-documented.

    While nearly everyone has skeletons, not everyone has a GoFundMe.


  • Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of numerous emails from Sandra .  She felt the need to harass and bully me via my private email address even though I continually told her she was harassing me, she had no reason to contact me,  to not email me.  She just could not help herself.  I even explained to her, she could contact me via the inbox at The Coastal Star as she was upset about my posting on here 2 weeks ago.

     The irony is she used the Subpeona to The Coastal Star as her excuse to why she was emailing me.  

    All I can say is Sandra showed her true colors.  
    Here is my reply Sandra, I am putting it on here, as I do not want to email you again.   You finally stopped, so I will take that as an indicator I finally got through that head of  yours.  

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    Would you be surprised to know that your subpeona to Jerry did not include a demand for  IP addresses for all the people that posted on the coastal star ?  Plus the simple fact we all know that once you had an IP address you would need more to identify someone and get their email address? right, I don't think all are that  stupid on here.
    Naw, that is not how you got my email address now is it princess?   

    Was it meant to scare me stating you had court ordered IP addresses of all who posted?   Not sure why? ,  seen as how I posted with my name. No brainer there.   Plus Chaz Stevens has already dutifully advised on the comment section that there is a subpeona and a lawsuit.  (I think that is when your good friend who was standing up for you ran away, right  or was it because that was really you borrowing her identity to post under????) 

    Just 5 names were listed on the subpeona for their sign up info, contact , IP , email when signing up with The Coastal Star.  
    So no hun you did not receive the court ordered IP addresses of all the people that posted on The Coastal Star.  
    Four, perhaps if done correctly as I saw no Linda Smiht left a comment.  Well not unless she was one that disappeared and removed their comments ?!    Funny your lawyer couldn't even spell the last name Smith correctly on that subpeona.  WOW - that was a difficult one.  LOL   I would think after he misspelled your name, you would have insisted on spell checking him before he submitted documents on your behalf. 

    Even if you had really acquired all who commented IP's addresses  it would not be for your personal use to contact users directly and harass them now would it?   It would be for your lawyer to use, in your lawsuit.   Not really understanding your need to lie. 
  • Bullies never do stop, Though some run and hide and go try and tidy their closets. They would rather bully than look at actual facts and consider other peoples opinions. Some would rather be a puppet, for the ones hiding, just bully and assume what they are spoon fed is the facts.
    I find it interesting that Chaz thinks people in animal rescue are just trying to take down a rescue.
    Where did it say that? Interesting, if involved in rescue one might realize it is about the animals and their welfare. Not dramatic accounts of how some pat themselves on the back as they tell their tale.
    Sandra herself spoke up many times about DRDR and how bad things were there. She was right there outraged, commenting, calling into blog radio shows spreading the word just how bad they were. Funny,a couple years after she had dealt with Diana, she was more than willing to out that bad rescue that was running less than ethically when others put the truth out there.
    Sadly at the time when she first became aware, she saw animals being neglected, and used, she took one dog and never looked back. She didn't do anything else at the time to save the other dogs, or to prevent donors from being scammed. Dogs died, but yes her story goes she saved one and then looked the other way. Should I stand up and clap for her heroism? Was she the voice of those dogs left behind? No. So trust me when I say for those in rescue, it's about the dogs and the cats.
    Yes there is a lawsuit and how amusing is all it slings. Spelling errors, LOL, The legal dwarf is so impressive and made me think, yes if I ever need a lawyer don't call a dwarf with a chip on his shoulder who summits sloppy court papers.
    The trial, oh my,it will be field day, and rest assure that there will be many there to stand up for the animals. They all won't be bullied and go hide in a corner.
    Yes, I think this is one reason I admire Darcy's tenacity , she isn't afraid to speak out for the good of the animals!
This reply was deleted.

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