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10063043256?profile=RESIZE_710xFAU student Chase Donaghy enjoyed an afternoon of surfing at Red Reef Park. Tao Woolfe/The Coastal Star

By Tao Woolfe

Boca Raton’s Red Reef Park is a busy place in the late afternoon as beachgoers scoop up kids, towels and folding chairs for the trek

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By Joe Capozzi

Briny Breezes is about to replace all 69 light fixtures in town with new energy-efficient LED lights. 
The Town Council on Dec. 9 approved a plan to have Florida Power & Light replace the fixtures sometime in 2022.
The new fixtures, pa

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9624311653?profile=RESIZE_710xChildren play in the Sea Turtle Garden. These life-size sculptures were created over several years by artist Colin Christian. The garden is dedicated to Gordon Gilbert, the nature center's founding director. Tim Stepien/The Coastal Star

After almost

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By Jane Smith

Before the next sea turtle nesting season, the busy beachside intersection of State Road A1A and Atlantic Avenue will be lit with amber LED lights that can stay on throughout the year, even during the turtles’ eight-month nesting season

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7960743079?profile=originalSEPT. 15: On the morning of his release, a loggerhead turtle, named George Bush by his rescuers, swims in a holding tank at the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Jerry Lower/The Coastal Star

By Ron Hayes

    On the Friday after Hurricane Irma’s assault on

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7960715468?profile=originalTuana Yazici (right), a Saint Andrew’s Upper School student, made a presentation to more than 50 kindergartners at Saint Andrew’s. She spoke about protecting sea turtles from plastic waste and explained how sea turtles are at great risk of being harm

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By Rich Pollack

    Highland Beach town commissioners will be spreading the word about the need to keep balloons and other debris off beaches, but stopped short of creating an ordinance similar to one implemented by Lantana that bans balloons.

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    This is when they come. During these early summer months, the females labor up the sand on primordial missions to find safe locations to bury their eggs. They have been doing this on our shore long before air-conditioning was invented and condos

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7960601482?profile=originalSargassum seaweed blankets the Ocean Ridge beach in July.

Jerry Lower/The Coastal Star

By Cheryl Blackerby

Sargassum, the brown free-floating algae that turns up on Palm Beach County’s beaches every summer, is essential for marine life. The thi

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7960590855?profile=originalWhen sea turtles hatch in the dark, they make their way to the ocean

like these three little loggerheads.

File Photo

7960590686?profile=originalA cooler with instructions for leaving hatchlings

sits near the front door of the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.

Tim Stepien/The Coastal

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By Tim Pallesen

    The man hired by the city to monitor sea turtles on Delray Beach beaches for 31 years is out of a job.

    John Fletemeyer, a Florida International University research professor who works as a consultant, had his contract routinel

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