historic preservation board (5)

Doc’s, the beloved eatery that harkens back to the fast food franchises that popped up across the nation after World War II, should be preserved for future generations, the Historic Preservation Board decided on Sept. 1.

In a 5-1 vote, the board reco

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By Sallie James

    Preserving the city’s history would be easier if owners of historic properties were eligible for federal tax credits. At least that’s the way the chairman of the city’s Historic Preservation Board sees it.
    Rex Nichols is hoping

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By Jane Smith

    The grande dame of Boynton Beach is showing her age — again.
    As the Boynton Woman’s Club nears its ninth decade, its 16 original windows and 20 sets of original French doors need to be redone. The cost would be between $300,000 a

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