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Lantana: Ravish, a new Ocean Avenue restaurant, wins approval for shared parking

By Mary Thurwachter

Ravish, a new open-air restaurant at 210 E. Ocean Ave. in Lantana, on June 24 received the approvals it needs to open.

The 4,224-square-foot building, which has housed several restaurants over the years, needed a special exception from the Town Council because it’s larger than the 2,500 square feet allowed by ordinance. The restaurant, operated by manager Arlene Klein and chef Lisa Mercado, also required a special exception for shared parking. Both exceptions were granted.

“This is going to be a great thing,” said Chamber of Commerce President Dave Arm. “We’ve already got two restaurants on Ocean Avenue with open-air cafes. This is going to be a third. It’s a big, beautiful open space. I’ve been to two of Lisa’s restaurants, Bizaare Avenue Café and the Living Room in Boynton Beach. Terrific food, great atmosphere, nice crowd, reasonable prices. It’s exactly what Lantana needs.”

Council member Lynn Moorhouse said he was pleased to have Ravish on Ocean Avenue. “I’m thrilled to see that the ghost town is awakening with all the improvement downtown with the landscaping and everything the individuals are all trying to do. I’ve been watching for a while and they’ve been busting their little knickers to make it beautiful, and it is. I wish them well.”

Since the restaurant won the approvals it sought, Ravish is allowed to use 31 off-site regular and valet spaces on the adjacent lot at 212 E. Atlantic Ave. to meet the requirement to have 50 spaces. Together with the 27 spaces the building already has, Ravish will actually have 58.

Like the Living Room, Ravish will have a large bar and several “living rooms,” an outdoor dining area and movable walls.

The building is owned by the Small Corp. Ravish is expected to open soon, although an exact date was not provided.

In other news, the Town Council denied a request for a height exception for a new home at 612 SE Atlantic Drive. The owner wanted to extend the height of his house by 5 feet 4 inches above the maximum allowable building height of 35 feet to build an elevator accessible to a rooftop deck.

Council members said they felt the added height would diminish the character of Hypoluxo Island. Some residents said they feared the rooftop deck would be used for parties that would disrupt neighbors. Ú

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