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Grand Reopening Ceremony: FAU Dept. of Biological Sciences at Gumbo Limbo – July 29

ABOVE: (l-r) Boca Raton Mayor Susan Haynie, FAU President John Kelly, National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation Director Frank Wojick, FAU Provost Gary Perry and Professor Jeanette Wyneken, Ph.D., of the the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science’s Department of Biological Sciences celebrate a ribbon-cutting to rededicate the research facility. The National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation provided $50,000 to fund the remodeling of the FAU Marine Biology Research Laboratory and Visitors’ Viewing Gallery. Originally built in 1984 as part of the engineering school, the building is now dedicated to marine research. Upgrades include new equipment, furniture, lighting and paint. Additionally, the visitors’ gallery, which overlooks the tanks that hold sea turtles, sharks and marine plants, received upgrades such as a new railing that children can see through as well as new displays and carpeting. The lab and gallery are one of Gumbo Limbo’s major attractions — more than 100,000 people pass through annually — and had not been remodeled since opening more than 20 years ago. BELOW:  An energetic 3-week-old leatherback swims constantly, so it is tethered to a support that keeps it centered in its tank and prevents the turtle from banging against the side of the tank.  Photos by Jerry Lower/The Coastal Star

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