Goat Yoga proves to be a hit at Shoreline Green Market

Sarah Byerly, of Boynton Beach, has her photo taken while surrounded by three of the six goats from Downward Goat that took part in the Goat Yoga event on Sunday, December 15 at the Shoreline Green Market in Lantana. Photos by Rachel S. O'Hara

Shoreline Green Market in Lantana teamed up with Downward Goat for its first-ever Goat Yoga event on Sunday, December 15 at Lantana Bicentennial Park. The easy-flow hour-long Goat Yoga class had 31 participants who were all eager to not only do yoga with the goats but to get plenty of selfies with the four-legged yogis.

Stephanie Aguilar and Adam Elder, of Hypoluxo, give Penny, an African Pygmy, some scratches before the start of the Goat Yoga class on Sunday.

Sapphire, a Nubian goat, wanders the grounds during Goat Yoga at the Shoreline Green Market.

Willow, a Mini Mancha, jumps on the back of one of the participants during Goat Yoga on Sunday morning. 

Patrick Hogan takes a photo of Emma Dewalt, both of Lake Worth, while Poppy stands on Dewalt's back during Goat Yoga.

Melissa Young, of West Palm Beach, smiles at Sapphire eating a leaf.

Downward Goat co-owner Korinne Johnson became enamored with goats years ago and later got her first two goats, Garnet and Sapphire, as a Valentine’s Day gifts in 2015 from her husband, Doug. Now they have a wide variety of goats Krazy Hearts Farm, out in Loxahatchee, along with a couple of miniature horses, dogs, and cats. The six “goat yogis” that were at this particular event included Garnet, Sapphire, Poppy, Willow, Penny, and Penny's daughter, Pixie. 

Poppy climbs across the back of two different participants during Goat Yoga on Sunday.

Tammy Thompson, of Lake Worth, gives mom and daughter African Pygmy goats, Penny, left, and Pixie, right, some back scratches while they visit her mat during Goat Yoga. 

Poppy jumps on the back of a participant while Penny looks for any Eureka palm leaves nearby.

Penny tries to one-up Dara Gyorko with her own yoga pose during Goat Yoga at Shoreline Green Market on Sunday.

Dara Gyorko led the yoga class and was never distracted by the giggles, commentary, or photo-taking happening in the crowd. Of course, she too gets a kick out of the goats and got her own laughs by leading the class into "downward-facing goat" and having everyone end the class by saying "naa-aaa-maste." 

Kendall Angling, of West Palm Beach, reaches out to pet Pixie while taking part in Goat Yoga.

A participant reaches down to give Penny a quick pat on the back during Goat Yoga at the Shoreline Green Market on Sunday, December 15.

Willow tries to decide how to hop down off of Fred Thomas, of Boynton Beach, during Goat Yoga. 

Willow makes an impressive leap off the back of one of the participants.

Doug Johnson, co-owner of Downward Goat, sprinkled Eureka palm leaves, a favorite treat of the goats, around the mats and on participants' backs as a way to entice the goats to be extra social.  

Patrick Connelly, of North Palm Beach, takes a break from doing yoga to give Pixie some scratches, much to her delight. 

Poppy and Pixie butt heads in the middle of class.

Willow enjoys some Eureka palm leaves on one of the yoga mats. 

"We came for the goats but the yoga was good," said Melissa Young after the event was over.

Lindsay Wolfe added that the hooves of the goats, surprisingly, alleviated some of her usual lower back pain and said she would recommend the class to anybody.

Korinne Johnson holds Pixie during a "time out" after butting heads with Poppy.


Michele George, of Boynton Beach, pats both Penny and Pixie while laying in Savasana pose at the end of the Goat Yoga class.

Michelle Roos, of Lantana, gets a good laugh after Poppy falls on top of her at the end of class.

Shoreline Green Market hopes to have Downward Goat back at the market sometime in March of 2020. Downward Goat does run classes at other places including out at their own farm. The classes are capped at 30 students and cost $30. Please check their website for more information. 

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Comment by Hobart Gapp on December 19, 2019 at 8:50pm

I don’t think that when the ancient art of yoga began in Southern Asia it ever envisioned the use of goats.  Goats eat garbage and feces and are generally unclean.  This does make for great selfies and Facebook likes.....isn’t that really what life is about?  

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