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Editor's Note: Summer offers opportunity for staff to take a breather, readers to meet neighbors

To everything there is a season.
Tourist season is over, sea turtle season has already started and hurricane season officially begins on June 1.  Must be summer.  
    This time of year our Coastal Star staff takes a bit of a breather and we scale back our production load. As a result, you’ll notice some changes in this month’s edition:  
Our Secret Gardens column takes a summer break.
    Our Pay It Forward philanthropy calendar merges into the Community Calendar.
    You’ll also notice that our news section could, from time to time, include stories from all of the municipalities from South Palm Beach through Boca Raton. We’ll change the story mix a bit, depending on which newspaper lands on your lawn (or in your condo). But generally over the summer you’ll be able to meet new neighbors from other towns and learn what concerns and issues are top of mind in nearby coastal communities.
    You might also see advertisements in our paper that are new to your distribution area.
    We hope over the summer you’ll find a chance to take a leisurely drive along A1A and visit each of the communities in our unique barrier island home. As you pass the Coastal Star office in Ocean Ridge, feel free to stop in and say “hello.” We love to meet our neighbors.
    But if we aren’t in the office, we might be at the beach. After all, for everything there is a season.
— Mary Kate Leming, executive editor

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