Sea turtle monitors watch as leatherback turtle attempts to find a nesting spot on the beach.


Photo by Jerry Lower

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  • Barbara - She did head back out to sea without nesting.

    There was a turtle specialist from the FWC who observed. She said they are aware of a  tagged female who has been observed doing this on several occasions.  For some reason the turtle seems to have problems digging the next cavity. Sad.

    They couldn't read the tag on this one, so aren't sure if she is the same one or not.

    I will check with them again and see if they've uncovered any additional information.

    Mary Kate

  • She's a beauty !  It does not indicate whether or not she actually nested or changed her mind and went back to the sea ?

    Would love to have a followup once they track the tag number to see what information they have to share about her ... please consider following up with the Permit Holder or the FWC and let us know in your fine publication.  Thanks - Barbara James, Highland Beach.

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