Boca Peace March

A group of protesters and police kneel for a “moment of silence” in honor of George Floyd June 6 at 100 NW Second Avenue in Boca Raton during a peaceful protest focused on police violence and the recent killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Photo by Tim Stepien

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  • Again, what a well behaved group.  Very nice people.  They set an excellent example of what a protest SHOULD be.  I was there, and I didn’t feel the slightest bit threatened.  In actuality, it was uplifting and enjoyable.    Riddle me this:  When protesting becomes the norm, is it really protesting?  

  • Thank you for expressing your feelings in a peaceful and thoughtful way.  Thank you.  This could have easily deteriorated to name calling, but, thank G-d, it didn’t.  Thank you all for behaving like good neighbors.  Boca Strong!!

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