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  • Thank you.  I am trying to learn my way around the blog first.  Interesting stuff on here, and a bit of high school drama too.


  • Thanks!!! Love the Coastal Star!!

  • Thanks!!  love the Coastal Star!

  • Mary, how is Thursday for lunch? Please let me know...Senada
  • Many thanks Mary! I would love to do lunch!
  • Thanks for the welcome, Mary.  I loved the article and The Coastal Star!
    Joe Cannizzaro
  • Thanks Mary;


    Looking forward to becoming better informed on our city by the sea

  • Cool. When does it come out?
  • Thanks!!  You did a great job on the article!
  • Welcome to The Coastal Star online! Be sure to join one of our local groups for up-to-the-minute news updates and conversations with your neighbors along the shore. Thank you for visiting!
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