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  • The Coastal Star did a terrific job covering the sober house issue in the last edition, Mary Kate. 

    People are talking about those two articles in extremely favorable terms.


    Keep it up.

  • Mary Kate, thnaks for the Birthday greeting.  tb

  • Mary Kay,

    I find the house building in Manapalan quite unusual. Could you advise if this appeards to be one "group" ie Brazilians or if 8 families just happened to want large homes on the Atantic at roughly the same time?

  • Hi Mary Kate,

    I'm very interested in the Strand Project since my place is right next door


  • They're from the Supermoon a few months ago!
  • Thanks Mary Kate, looks like a good way to stay current while we are at our Canadian cottage for the summer, Marge
  • Thanks Mary Kate, will do. Thanks for the note!
  • Thank you, Mary Kate Leming! I appreciate the welcome. :0)
  • Thank you, I love your paper. Used to work on a weekly paper in Sag Harbor, NY and miss it.
  • Hi Mary Kate,

    Sorry for just responding.  I really don't know how to work the chats.  There are not

    too many people for Manalapan or Hypoluxo.  Any other ways to communicate?



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