Here are a few helpful tips of mine for anyone who is thinking of selling their home in the near future. 

  1. No clutter! _ If you are still living in your house while it's on the market, make sure to clear away any clutter. When you get rid of any junk, your house will look larger and cleaner.  You do not want your house to look like an episode of Hoarders!
  2. Put away any personal items_ If a potential buyer is interested in buying your house, they want to envision themselves living in your house. This means taking away any pictures of the family, trophies, diplomas, your "Welcome to the Jones family'" sign you may have hanging by the front door! 
  3. Keep the curtains open_ Light makes people happy so clean those windows on the inside and on the outside and keep most curtains and blinds open. Especially if you have amazing views. 
  4. Remove pet bowls_  Even people who love animals will say "oh there were pets living here" when they see any pet bowls, toys, or beds. I know you love Fido but just put away anything that screams PET LIVES HERE! 
  5. Remove the pet_ There's nothing worse than a great house that has a dog locked up in a room that a potential buyer is scared of. They will not be comfortable viewing the house.  
  6. Buy plug-ins or Air fresheners_Did you know that smell has a strong influence on the emotions we feel? Especially if you're a smoker and/or have pets, make it smell fresh and clean and potential buyers will leave with a happy feeling. 
  7. Fresh paint_  It's inexpensive and will do wonders on making your house look much newer! 
  8. Clear bathroom counters_ Nobody cares about your toothbrush and hair brush.  
  9. Clean, clean, clean! _ Cleanliness is next to godliness...Some of the more important ones are clean bathrooms and kitchen. Clean the soap scum out of the sink, spray any dirty rims in the bathtub with a water bleach/ disinfectant solution, and pour some bleach down the toilet bowl. 
  10. Mow the lawn_ First impressions are everything and freshly cut grass and pretty flowers show you care about the condition of your house. 
  11. Clean the carpet_  Clean it either professionally or steam clean yourself. 
  12. Clean the oven_  Have you ever looked at a clean kitchen and then opened the oven to find it DISGUSTING? Clean it because trust me, people open the oven when looking at a house! 
  13. Make any necessary repairs_Fix any running toilets, leaky faucets, or anything else that is easily fixed. You do not want to seem like a homeowner who didn't care about the condition of their home. 
  14. Appeal to everyone_ You may love your butterfly bedding or floral curtains but you want to be more neutral. Some people just can't look past certain things. Neutral colors are always safe. 
  15. Organize kids' rooms_ I know it's hard to keep their stuff organized but it's a turnoff for buyers to see toys spread around a room or even a bed not made, 
  16. Throw in incentives_  I like to work with sellers who have not been able to sell their home with a previous agent, also called expired listings. Listings that are no longer on the market because the contract between seller and agent ran out and house didn't sell. This is one of my secrets to selling a house fast! Including incentives such as gift cards, a home warranty plan, even a vacation to a buyer will incentivize a buyer to buy a house. Also, offering a "bonus" such as $1,500 to a buyer's agent will create more traffic. Yes, it is the way it is! 
  17. Make it bright!_ Be sure to replace any light bulbs that aren't working. Light=happiness
  18. Fresh flowers_ People love them. Place them in bedrooms, on the dining room table...anywhere! 
  19.  Hire the right real estate agent_  There are a TON of agents out there but make sure you connect with the agent. You are trusting them with one of your biggest investments so be sure to interview them and trust that they are working in your best interests. 
  20. Price it right_  You can do all this and hire the "perfect" real estate agent but if you do not price your house competitively, you will not sell it fast if at all!  Have your real estate agent run some comps, understand the market you're in, and price it right! 

Please contact me if you ever need help with your Real Estate needs. 

Angelique Sauer

Coldwell Banker Residential | Delray Beach


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