How does one justify, in this modern age, a play about the “domestication” of an unruly woman?  Or what possible interest could one have in a whining young Danish prince who is noted for his inaction?  Well, that’s because The Taming of the Shrew, The Merchant of Venice and Hamlet were all written by the greatest genius who ever graced the stage; and his plays endure because of their unfathomable ability to speak to any age, seemingly about any subject.  What we know about Shakespeare, and this play is certainly no exception, is that he was one of the most outrageously funny people ever to set pen to paper.  So laugh along with us, as slaps become slapstick, barbs become barbed wire and courtship becomes intrigue.


April 21 & 22 @ 7:30pm

April 23 @ 2pm

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