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Rob Barron, the dune management consultant for Delray Beach, said he was pleased with how the dune plants weathered Hurricane Irma's winds.
Category 1 storms with winds around 80 mile per hour are beneficial to the dune system, Barron said.
"The plants don't look good right now because they are covered with seaweed and sand," he said, "but in another month or so, they will revive."
Barron said the seaweed acts as fertilizer and feeds the dune plants.

— Jane Smith

The Delray Beach Interim City Manager released an update late Tuesday morning on the city's water situation.
The good news is that the situation is improving by hour, according to the report by Neal deJesus, interim city manager.
More sewage pumping stations have power, resulting in a drop to 60 percent without power.
"Because of the very hard work and dedication of Florida Power & Light and city utility crews who are working nearly around the clock," his statement said, the pumping stations "are coming back to life one-by-one."
The water remains safe to drink. The city asks residents in Delray Beach and Highland Beach to conserve water and minimize the amount that goes down the drain.
— Jane Smith

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