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    We went on vacation.
    That may not sound like much to you, but for the “family” behind a family newspaper it’s a big, big deal. It’s not often we have the chance to take a break from our monthly production schedule.
    We couldn’t have done it without the able assistance of our key editorial and production assistants. They worked hard while we were traversing the Pacific Northwest in search of the totality of the solar eclipse, and their competence made returning to the grind of deadline much easier than expected.
    I should have known we were leaving the newspaper in good hands. Each year their freelance contributions to The Coastal Star garner accolades from professional news organizations across the state.
    These folks are pros at what they do. Most (like me and my husband) are showing a little gray these days, but they each believe in the importance of community journalism. And for that (and my vacation), I am grateful.

— Mary Kate Leming,

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