It takes a village to raise a newspaper — or at least to open a newspaper office! We couldn’t have done it without all of our friends who contributed their time and effort toward making this move a reality. As of this edition, we are publishing from 5011 N. Ocean Ave. in Ocean Ridge.
Thank you!
And it takes a whole bunch of talented journalists to put out an award-winning publication. Our latest accolades are from the Florida Press Club and confirm what we already knew: we have an exceptional staff of contributors. In our circulation category, we won the following:
1st place: Feature Photo Essay/Staff
1st place: Artist Illustration/Bonnie Lallky-Seibert
1st place: Info-graphic Presentation/Bonnie Lallky-Seibert
2nd place: Photo Illustration/Tim Stepien
3rd place: Religion Writing/C.B. Hanif
Congratulations, and again, Thank you!
And finally, it takes a lot of people in an adjoining community consistently — and politely — asking us to include them in our coverage area for us to expand our size and scope. That is just what happened with South Palm Beach. Our neighbors to the north have been asking us for most of the past year to include them in our news coverage. With this edition, we do just that.
Please welcome South Palm Beach.

— Mary Kate Leming, editor

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