Behind a vine-covered white picket fence on the Intracoastal Waterway, is a cottage dubbed “The Storybook House.” It is one of the first homes built on Hypoluxo Island, and it’s for sale.
The flamingo mailbox outside gives a hint to the Key West flavor of the inside. Cute, but modified over time, it needs a little TLC to restore the original charm.
The current owners love their little cottage, but have decided it’s time to sell. So, they’ve joined together with the listing agent, The Coastal Star and a handful of selected design and remodeling specialists, to hold a contest to find creative solutions to improve the interior for less than $10,000. The seller is offering a cash back incentive of $10,000 to a buyer at closing to use however they choose.
The contest works like this: each designer creates a storyboard to be presented to the public during two open houses in November. That’s when the public can view the house and vote for their favorite design solution.
If you’d like to join this contest and offer your own under $10,000 design solution, please contact Jennifer Spitznagel at Manatee Cove Realty to visit the property and learn additional details. She can be reached at: (561) 582-2200
In our November issue we’ll explore the history of the house, and provide an update on the contest, the designers and the open house schedule.
— Jerry Lower, publisher

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