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The Plate: Two Georges at Cove serves 8 perfect shrimp

The Plate: Shrimp Kabob
Where: Two Georges at The Cove, 1754 SE Third Court, Deerfield Beach; 954- 421-9272 or
The Price: $18.99
The Skinny: We have been craving shrimp lately. Call us prawns in the game of life.
But there is something so satisfying in a meal of the firm, plump shellfish.
You can batter them, bread them, stick coconut on them, but they really don’t need a lot of fuss for their flavor to shine through.
And that’s why we were drawn to the shrimp skewers at Two Georges.
The dish consists of eight good-size gulf shrimp served with a skewer of bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and onion.
We ordered ours blackened, so they had a mild spice, but that didn’t keep the fresh shrimp flavor from shining through.
Our server said most people order this dish served over a rice pilaf, but it’s not every day that you can get a baked potato, which is what we ordered.
Also good: The Crab Imperial ($24.99), which was all crab and no filler, and the grouper (also $24.99), a wonderfully fresh piece of fish that was perfectly cooked.
— Scott Simmons

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