The Plate: Penne for our thoughts? Visit Al Fresco

The Plate: Penne Tomato & Basil
The Place: Al Fresco, at the Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course, 2345 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach; 273-4130 or
The Price: $16.50
The Skinny: We had been wanting to check out the new clubhouse at the Palm Beach Par-3 for quite some time, and are sorry we did not go sooner, for the food is beautiful, and the Atlantic Ocean vistas are spectacular — all the better for a relaxing Sunday lunch.
The menu has a solid mix of salads, sandwiches and entrees.
But the pasta seemed refreshing on a balmy spring day.
The penne were cooked al dente and tossed in a creamy, slightly savory tomato sauce that was redolent with basil. There were large, creamy chunks of mozzarella throughout.

We also enjoyed the Gazpacho Al Fresco ($7), which was loaded with diced vegetables,  

a spinach salad ($12.50) that had beautiful bits of shaved Parmigiano, bacon and egg with a perfectly blended balsamic vinaigrette.
But in our mind’s eye, we keep coming back to that aromatic pasta.
The only downside? We got as much on us as in us.
Next time, we’ll wear a bib.
— Scott Simmons

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