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The Plate: Mission BBQ does smoked turkey right

The Plate: Turkey sandwich
The Place: Mission BBQ, 1100 Congress Ave., No. 130, Boynton Beach; 335-1514 or
The Price: $6.99
The Skinny: I’m on a quest for the best smoked turkey. Don’t ask why, but I’ve never been a rib man, and brisket does not interest me. To me, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding delicately smoked, tender, juicy turkey sliced thick and served on a fresh roll. Mission BBQ does it beautifully.
I came to like Mission’s food when I visited the small chain’s Fort Myers store — the Boynton restaurant is the company’s only location in Palm Beach County.
Sides are nice, if not noteworthy — fries are always crisp and clean tasting, and the mac and cheese offers oodles of gooey goodness. The collards I tried last visit were earthy and hearty on a rainy night.
There’s fine cuisine and there’s good eating.
I’ll take good eating any time.
— Scott Simmons

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