The Plate: Delray spot serves perfection in a bird

The Plate: ¼ Bird Breast & Wing

The Place: La Poulette, 215 NE Sixth Ave., Delray Beach; 908-2396 or

The Price: $14

The Skinny: Let’s get this out of the way first — this was the best rotisserie chicken ever.

La Poulette, a petite Gallic-themed restaurant situated in a building just north of downtown Delray Beach that once was home to Granger’s, says it uses only free-roaming, locally farmed birds that are slow-cooked in its rotisserie oven.

That shows.

I could smell the sautéed onions as the server brought the plate to the table — it was like the olfactory equivalent of French onion soup.

The caramelized bits of onion covered the plump, juicy and tender chicken breast, which was bursting with flavor, a la Française, as it were. The skin was perfectly crispy, too.

— Scott Simmons

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