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The Plate: Crispy calamari with an ocean view

Scott Simmons/The Coastal Star

The Plate: Oceans Crispy Calamari
The Place: Oceans 234, 234 N. Ocean Blvd., Deerfield Beach; (954) 428-2539 or
The Price: $12.99
The Skinny: Crispy calamari with a view.
That’s what sums up this little snack.
Oceans 234 is crowded and noisy, like many a beach hangout.
But the food at this oceanfront eatery is  well thought out. Case in point, this bowl of calamari.
The rings of squid were lightly breaded then sauteed until crisp and set atop a bed of mixed greens.
A honey balsamic glaze and red pepper relish brought it all together.
It could have used a little less of the saffron-infused aioli that covered the whole dish. The concoction detracted from the crispy coating of that tender calamari.
— Scott Simmons

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