The Plate: A hearty breakfast to start the day right

By Scott Simmons

The Plate: Steak and Eggs
The Place: Sande’s, 1717 N. Federal Highway, Delray Beach. 561-272-9104. Cash only.
The Price: $11.50
The Skinny: It’s everyone’s favorite breakfast place, so I’ve been told.

So I’m adding Sande’s to my list of go-to spots for a weekend breakfast or lunch. The Sunday morning we visited, the restaurant was packed and had a waiting list. Once seated, we ordered comfort food. The steak and eggs? Well, the beef is not like that in a steakhouse.

But it was the centerpiece of a hearty breakfast, with a slice of New York cut sirloin, two eggs ordered sunny side up, so the yolks yielded to the fork, offering gooey goodness. Oh, and the biscuit offered on the side was homemade and the sliced tomatoes were sweet and fresh.

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