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South Palm Beach: Former South Palm Beach mayor arrested

By Tim O’Meilia

Hours after he spoke at a South Palm Beach town council meeting, former mayor Martin Millar was arrested for allegedly attacking a man with a flashlight in a Palm Beach Gardens club.

Millar, 66, was released on his own recognizance Friday after being held more than 24 hours in the Palm Beach County Jail. He faces charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest with violence.

Millar attacked a man in the Dirty Martini club at the Downtown at the Gardens after the man left another bar several miles away with Millar’s girlfriend, according to the arrest report.

The girlfriend asked a 38-year-old man at the Angry Moon Cigar Bar for a ride after she told him Millar had been abusive to her. The couple left and drove to the Dirty Martini. Millar followed later.

Millar texted an acquaintance that he “wanted to kill” the man. A witness at the second bar said he struck the victim in the neck with a black flashlight.

Millar told Palm Beach Gardens police that he was going to “signal 5” the man for leaving with his girlfriend. The term is police radio code for murder.

Millar tried to pull away when he was handcuffed, the report said.

He was ordered not to drink alcohol or have contact with the victim, who was not named in the report.

The incident began barely four hours after Millar criticized the South Palm Beach Town Council for not taking action in a police union contract dispute.

In July, Millar complained to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that South Palm Beach Police Chief Roger Crane threatened. After investigating, a sheriff’s detective dismissed the complaint as unfounded.

Millar was mayor for two years after serving four years as a councilman in South Palm Beach. He resigned in December 2010 after the state ethics commission fined him $3,000 for trying to use his position to influence West Palm Beach officers after he was ejected from a strip club.

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Comment by Isabella Ralston-Charnley on September 21, 2012 at 11:37pm

Is this  a joke? another article written by Tim O’Meilia on the goings on that should some how be of interst to the residents of South Palm Beach - this is a reporter who sits every month and refuses to report on the serious problems that I have brought up at the Town Hall Meetings

I have stood up and stated at Towm Hall Meetings that this Town, for six years, has been run illegally and againt the Charter of this Town for six years. FYI: The Charter is the Constitution of our Town, the supreme law of our Town!

When I contacted the Coastal Star regarding their truth in reporting I am told that " this paper is too small " to investigate my allegations of what could possible be crimnal behavior of the siiting Council and  EX Town Mayor Maury Jacobson,

This is a very staange comment because over the years they have spent hours and hours of reporting the probelms of OUR EX MAYOR MARTY MILLAR

 I have to  question why - is there someone on their staff that has a special relastionship with someone on the sitting Council - what else could explain their reason of refusing to look into my allegations?

If I am proven to be wrong so be it - but I have named everybody who I believe has screwed this town for years including the Towns attorneys Trela White and Brad Biggs agent of the company Corbett and White and I have yet to recieve a cease and desist letter from anybody - you know why - because they know that everything I say about them is true!!

If I sm wrong let them sure me!!






Comment by Isabella Ralston-Charnley on September 21, 2012 at 4:52pm

Wher is my comment from before Kate?

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