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Pets’ Letters to God

One of my favorite books about pets and spirituality is spiced with insight and humor. The book, Pets’ Letters to God, was authored by Mark Bricklin, a former colleague at Rodale Press, masterfully captured the innocence and curiosity of our pets.

Here are four excerpts from this delightful book:

Nicky the Border collie asks, “Dear God: When I get to Heaven, can I play Frisbee with my halo?”

Felix the cat writes, “Dear God: Dog spelled backwards is ‘God.’ Cat spelled backwards is ‘Tac.’ Excuse me?”

Laddie Boy makes this request: “Dear God: When we get to Heaven, can we sit on your couch? Or is it the same old story?”

Cappy the cat asks, “Dear God: Is the Mormon Tomcat Choir out of the question?”

—Arden Moore

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