7960566886?profile=originalDelray Beach lawyer Mindy Farber, with rescue dogs Cara, Nicky and Abbey,

advocates for nonprofits, veterans, women, minorities and homeless pets.

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By Arden Moore

    There are people who champion the cause for pets by fostering rescues, volunteering in animal shelters, organizing pet events and bringing their well-mannered therapy pets into nursing homes and schools.
    I applaud the contributions made by all of these people. And, I admire a special breed of pet advocate: the legal beagles. These people are committed to working with local, state and national lawmakers to make this a better planet for cats, dogs and other companion animals.
    In Delray Beach, there is a very active legal beagle: attorney Mindy Farber. In practice for more than three decades, she specializes in civil rights law for nonprofits, veterans, women, minorities and homeless pets.
    She splits her time between residences in Delray Beach and Maryland with her husband and their three well-traveled rescue dogs: Cara, Nicky and Abbey. She serves on the board for the nonprofit Pet Connect Rescue (petconnectrescue.org) in Potomac, Md.
    Farber worked with state legislators in Maryland to pass a bill recently that prohibits the sale of animals in pet stores. She is currently working with the state’s House Judiciary committee to get a bill passed that would require people found guilty of animal cruelty to not only serve time in prison but also pay restitution toward the financing of any bills related to injuring or killing animals.
    Locally, she is hard at work on finding a solution to address homeless, abandoned animals found on the streets of Delray Beach. Two days after Christmas, she was shopping in downtown Delray Beach when she came across a very weak, mange-filled, little red dog.
    “When I found this dog, I called the city immediately and said, ‘Help! There is a dog who is struggling here, just lying on the street,’” recalls Farber. “This dog was dying and I was frantic to find a way to get her medical attention, but was told that the city of Delray Beach does not have an animal control officer and was told to call the county. Well, I tried, but the phone kept ringing busy.”
    During this time, Farber called out to passersby for help but to no avail.
    “This dog had ooze pouring out of her ears and eyes,” she says. “While my husband took our three dogs home, I called out to everyone for assistance — bikers, drivers, joggers, walkers and people with baby carriages. But all averted their eyes.”
    Fortunately, members of Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue were nearby setting up their booth for rescued dogs to be adopted. One member assisted Farber by placing the sick dog in a van and taking it to a veterinary clinic where the dog received life-saving treatment. The dog has not yet been adopted. The plight of this dog has motivated Farber to lobby with the Delray Beach City Commission. She wants to find a way to allow a nonprofit animal organization to have use of the vacant animal shelter building for a yearly rent of $1.
    Farber, who has lived in Delray Beach for a decade, is quick to say she is not critical of the city. “I’m looking for a way that a nonprofit animal group can do a much-needed government service that the government currently cannot provide,” she says.
    I reached out to city officials regarding Farber’s proposal. Commissioner Mitch Katz explained that the city is doing a complete inventory of all city-owned buildings, including those that are vacant.
    “We will not be making a decision on any building until the analysis is done, which should be within a month or so,” says Katz, adding that he wants more information on how such an arrangement between the city and a nonprofit group would be set up.
    In an email reply, Vice Mayor Shelly Petrolia wrote, “I would be in support of the city offering a building to temporarily shelter animals by a nonprofit … as long as it received a majority commission vote. I would only agree to consider something like this following an inventory and evaluation of all properties owned by the city, which is currently in the process.”
    In the meantime, Farber is maintaining her advocacy efforts for companion animals in need, both here and in Maryland.
    “As a lawyer, I’ve worked hard for many years and never took very many vacations,” she says. “I am blessed in many ways and now I want to give back and to use my legal skills to advance issues, like helping homeless animals.”
    She is definitely my kind of legal beagle.

Arden Moore, founder of FourLeggedLife.com, is an animal behavior consultant, editor, author, professional speaker and master     certified pet first aid instructor. Each week, she hosts the popular Oh Behave! show on PetLifeRadio.com. Learn more by visiting fourleggedlife.com.

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  • Actually Regina/April/Mindy/Darcy;

    I'm a troll.  A world class troll, and I've been trolling you.

  • Geoffrey.

    I am all for transparency ... I am also for the rules of law.

    In Deerfield Beach (where I graduated in the top 10 of my class -- and then later went on to Fla Tech and U of M), I helped bring three non-profits to their knees.

    Feel free to check out the article I wrote for the New Times:


    Yes people, not only did I work for IBM, NASA, and Microsoft, I'm a paid reporter.

    Not bad for a supposed high school dropout.

    I said all that, to say this.

    Get your facts straight. Understand the law, understand what is available by law.

    And just because TWO PISSED OFF MENOPAUSAL WOMEN makes anonymous spurious claims doesn't make them factual.

    If you make a claim, then cite the law. I've already disproven the supposed regulations about donor disclosure.

    Anything else stupid I need to straighten up?

  • Reading the comments here it is apparent there is animosity on both sides.  I find it odd that one side points toward the person Darcy, and makes it quite clear that they believe Darcy to have some type of mental affliction. It is not clear why there seems to be such a battle of words. If the person truly has mental issues, why not ignore, and continue on as before there was hard feelings. It is evident from the posts that Darcy and Sandra had some type of relationship, and appears Darcy was a donor, and supporter prior.   In short, if a person is a recognized "loon", why spend any amount of time trying to justify anything?

    Chaz Stevens, I know you often call for transparency and accountability of many of the $hady A$$es. I am sure as a advocate for many of us asking questions in government, you have applied your same strict requirements of transparency from Sandra.   I do see Darcy asking many questions, but none of them are answered in a manner that shows transparency from a 501(c)(3).  Granted, some are personal, but some are valid.

    Just wondering if there is nothing to hide, why not answer the questions instead of all the hyperbole about a person many of you state is not of sound mind?   Or is this just a ugly breakup of two girlfriends being aired on a blog instead of Jerry Springer?

  • Chaz Stevens I know you only graduated from Deerfield Beach High but I live in Boca Raton.  (just click on my name and it will show you where I live ) ;)  Its almost getting comical,  just minutes ago Regina Lewis insists I am Darcy and you insist I am Mindy ? or someone else who lives in Maryland.    I thought you said you are a great investigator ?  Hmmmm......   I would go with clueless ....

  • April, are things that slow in Maryland you need to do this?

  • PLEASE Stop using Little Mindy or whatever you have renamed her to as a pawn Ms. Dezelan.  

    WHY is a rescue selling dogs and cats ?  

    Your city inspection to operate in Boca Raton location states you are SELLING dogs and cats!  It also states no boarding animals permitted, only animals in you sales inventory may be housed there.  
    THIS IS NOT RESCUE .   So which is it ?  Are you a rescue who is boarding your rescues in a retail location where they are not permitted or are you a retail store selling dogs and cats?    Please save the bashing, save the name calling and wild theories, and just answer the questions.   Thank you. 7961850853?profile=original

  • Darcy;

    Once again, you provide everyone with ample opportunity to recognize you're a complete loon.

    Regarding 501s, nonprofits of all types, not just 501(c)(3) charities, that file a Form 990, 990-PF or 990-EZ tax information return are required to identify substantial donors (generally donors of $5,000 or more) to the IRS on Schedule B, and must include the names and addresses of the donors.

    Kitten, here in America, you have the right to remain silent ... but it's readily apparent you don't have the ability to remain silent.

    Atty. Rose is making short order of another pro se loud mouth (Jim Twitty) and your continued stupidity ain't helping your cause.

    As Napoleon once so eloquently opined, "Never interrupt your enemy while they're making a mistake," so in light of that, please don't stop posting!

    And don't forget to take your meds! Lithium isn't just for batteries, you know.

  • Well did  anyone else notice  a notification that came in last night, from Sandra Dezelan?  If you are following this interesting saga, you would have noticed Sandra Dezelan's name pop up and then suddenly vanished. The reason for that, Sandra meant to sign in under Regina Lewis's account. For the very  next minute, Regina  popped up as a notification,  commenting on this article.  Let's go over the previous posts that Sandra/Regina commented on.  Again, let me stress, they do not  mention the animals.  Where is their priority? Busy bashing myself and claiming that all these other people are with myself or my sidekicks. Well, Ladies, (Sandra and Regina)  you are wrong. They (the readers)  care for the ANIMALS!!  They care for the ANIMALS that are stuck in that 1800 sq. foot RETAIL store front. They CARE about the CATS stuck in a closed room, with NO windows. They CARE about the ANIMALS well being and their mental outlook!  Stop trying to deflect off the main purpose and attempt  to try to have  readers  look the other way. Not all of those coming on to read this article are stupid, Sandra, as you stated earlier. Or maybe you used the word idiots.  So, the remark was brought up about my generous donations and why I didn't post a shot of that. Let's forget about the washer and dryer for now.  Let's start with  Exhibit #1. Then scroll  to view  exhibit #2.  and finally exhibit #3.  There are more, shall I keep going?    Let's discuss the "other so called rescue"  shall we Sandra?  Sandra, the link is displayed right here on the comment section by Ms. April Jones.  You were very active in exposing her as well.  Do you remember, Sandra how many times  I asked you to come on the radio and speak?  Blog talk radio keeps all the recordings. Just so you know. They KEEP all the recordings.  Matter of fact a team of dedicated animal lovers worked on that project for over 2 years, you are a little off on the time frame.  As for others posting on this article, anyone can look at where the members are from. They are all not living in the Delray area, some live North, South East and West.  What are you trying to prove, that just because someone is  from Texas who states they have close ties to Delray is that  any of your business?  Again,  you are DEFLECTING from there real  issue.  The ISSUE at hand is the WELL BEING of the ANIMALS!   Readers: Please note, the picture that April Jones posted below.  Do you see the bags of dog food by the front door with the yellow curtains drawn?  (Hmmm, doesn't look like a retail store to me)  Look at the one big dog!  His name is Bentley, supposedly Sandra's dog.  Everytime I went there and was cleaning, on my hands and knees, there was Bentley.  Constantly, constantly licking my face.  What a lover boy, or a boy starved for affection? I don't know, you decide.  I feel for that sweet boy. Please~~~ any volunteers that still go there to help walk the dogs, please take 10 minutes and socialize with each and every one of those pooches. What I mean by that, is get on the floor and just for several minutes  with each and every one of them, pet them, rub their belly, anything.   If there are 15 dogs, each one deserves to have 10 minutes (@ least) of human  contact. That is not nearly enough, but anything will be better than nothing.  That equates to 2 1/5 hours of social interaction.  Cat lovers~~ Spend time with the cats that are closed behind the screen that stands in front of the entranceway to the room with NO windows.  The cats must be in desperate need of some type of human intervention, I would imagine.   Next subject ~~~to all the readers,  please go back to April Jones post, where she  includes the actual letter to the Director of Human Resources, Mr. Mark Buckingham for Boca Raton.  Written by Sandra Dezelan's Attorney.  Real classy! Please note the name at the top of the letter in quotes! Daniel, you spelled the Director's name wrong.  Gee, real professional.  You can attempt to bully My Mother all you want. She is going on 81 years old and retiring is just around the corner.  Shows what type of character you are.  Pitiful.   And finally Sandra/Regina I am ASKING about the medical records for Little Mindy starting back on December 27th 2014.  I deserve like all others that have donated to see with our OWN eyes, her vet bills and the results from the tests.  What did the Specialist find Sandra?  Please post that as well.  You being  a 501c3 it is your  OBLIGATION by LAW to provide  to your donators.  However, since you state you are a retail store, are you exempt from that? Gee, let me check with the Department of Agriculture on Monday am.  Now go spend time with the animals. 8025684875?profile=original8025684697?profile=original8025684896?profile=original

  • Why would I have any of Sandra's rescues ?  she is not the only rescuer around.  All our furbabies are rescued either by others or myself.  Did you give her money for the dogs?  Did you see what she gave to zoning paperwork stating she sells dogs and cats?  She wrote that I did not Regina Lewis.  Trust me when I say there are more responsible rescues around South Florida.    

  • Regina Lewis if you read Sandra's own words in articles, website , facebook she talks about her marriage.  I didn't have to dig up dark secrets, she puts it out there.  I did not get the photo's by anyone except for myself from face book. No one pointed any out to me, I saw this one. So you can keep your insinuation to yourself.    Have I been to the place they sell dogs and cats ?  NOPE.  I don't support a rescue that leaves dogs together with issues that result in dead dogs and body parts on the walls.  Again Sandra's words in an article not mine.  “It was 3:30 in the morning and I was alone in the house. Bloody, dog body parts and dog guts were all over the walls – blood splattered everywhere – dead dogs surrounded my feet,” shared Sandra Dezelan Axelband  http://www.examiner.com/article/woman-sacrifices-health-marriage-and-career-to-save-the-lives-of-animals
     know plenty about the rescue.  Funny you mention Darcy's prior lawsuit.  Are you aware Sandra though she mentions it like Darcy was slaughtering an upstanding rescuer , actually was against that rescue also, she gave testimonial of  the scammer it appears this Darcy woman spoke up about and was sued by.  Did you read the lawsuit?  It was quite silly.  
    I know I read it somewhere.  I do love google.... http://drdrisascam.blogspot.com/2011/11/testimonial-from-sandra-dez...    Good luck convincing a jury it was conspiracy on an elderly womans part when nowhere proof shown shows she had any knowledge of  betty.    
    Why is it any of your business what animal rescues  that I support?  There are a couple actually as it takes rescuers working together to make positive changes in a community.    (and yes I have researched all of them too).  I have know about Dezzy's for a long time and truly never supported them.  Who care's about Sandra's personal life? well, who cares about Darcy's or Betty's or anyone elses personal life?  If I am a hypocrite that's fine, I fit in nicely with you all.   I care about the poor animals that are being sold in Boca by a 501c3 that lied to the city to be in the space.  That dear puts the animals at risk, and that to me is NOT ok.         

This reply was deleted.

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