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Ocean Ridge voters made a strong statement in the Florida Primary Election on Aug. 18 that they like their town’s Police Department and aren’t in the market for mergers with outside agencies.
By an overwhelming margin, 87 percent to 13 percent, voters approved a charter amendment that makes it considerably more difficult to change the department’s independent makeup.
The new law requires a ballot referendum to approve a merger, and it also requires a four-vote supermajority of the Town Commission to put the issue on the ballot in the first place.
“I’m delighted,” said Ocean Ridge Mayor Kristine de Haseth. “I totally support the voters having a voice in what happens to their Police Department.”
Turnout was relatively high as 567 residents voted, or 34 percent, compared with 26.5 percent overall in Palm Beach County.

— Dan Moffett

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  • I don’t think these people really understand what they voted for.  From now on, the folks in Ocean Ridge work for the police, not the other way around.  I’m as big a fan of law enforcement as the next guy, but cops should contribute to their own Cadillac level healthcare and pension benefits.  I’m living off a nest egg and it’s shrinking.  I can’t afford to keep this up much longer. 

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