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Candidates for the March 9 Ocean Ridge Town Commission election in the order of their appearance on the ballot:

Lynn Allison
PERSONAL: 59; two children; married; BA psychology, American University; MSW, Howard University, PhD management and administration, Indiana University Watson Institute.
PROFESSIONAL: Owner, International Enterprise Development consulting firm.
POLITICAL BACKGROUND: Ocean Ridge commissioner since 2004; vice mayor 2007; served on school and charter school boards; administers Northwest Pompano Beach Business Loan Fund; on Education and Government Programming Advisory Board for Palm Beach County public station Channel 20. POSITION ON ISSUES: Priority is ensuring enough revenue to keep our outstanding police force and staff because the revenue for each town has been so drastically reduced. Focus should be on protecting and preserving the community in light of tough economic times. Traffic and traffic patterns on Old Ocean Boulevard, and natural gas and sewage are two concerns the community would like to resolve. Few issues are in great dispute right now. When I came in we were battling the state on bike lanes. We have resolved almost all, if not all, of our drainage problems — a very big issue when I came in. We have a new Town Hall which has been completed during my tenure, and that was an issue. QUOTE: “We have a wonderful commission right now and we want keep it. We all get along, we all work well together. This is an extremely strong commission with outstanding staff. We have a great town manager and a good team. That’s why I’m staying.”

Nancy L. Hogan
PERSONAL: 62; married; two children; business degree from the College of Saint Rose; masters in public administration from the State University of New York.
PROFESSIONAL: Real estate broker.
POLITICAL BACKGROUND: Elected to commission in 2005, lost 2007 re-election bid and 2009 election; served in campaigns of former Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary McCarty and U.S. presidential campaign of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.
POSITION ON ISSUES: The town has needed to shore up fiscal oversight and professionalism since 2005 when I first was elected. If you don’t have your fiscal house in order, you can’t do anything else with good efficiency and the right planning. So fiscal responsibility and the financial oversight of expenditures out of Town Hall would be one major thing. The commission since 2005, and going back to 2001, has been very willing to spend at way above the inflation rate every year and burden the town with an immense amount of debt. You can’t just go out and burden a municipal system, especially with what we have with the police costs and retirement costs, then have a brand new Town Hall so there’s a debt on that of $10 million. Term limits have got to come to Ocean Ridge.
QUOTE: “Fiscal accountability and responsibility are by far my two biggees, and until the day that they wheel me away to a nursing home, and I live here and I’m working hard every day so I can afford to live in this wonderful town, I’m going to make sure that Town Hall is being fair, honest, efficient with my money.”

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