Ocean Ridge: Commission wants more specifics from Schenck

Commissioners neither accepted nor rejected Town Manager Ken Schenck’s action plan to address shortcomings described in his evaluation in October. Instead, at the November meeting, they directed him to talk with Commissioner Zoanne Hennigan and revise his plan to be more specific and measurable.
    Hennigan, who said she was “sorely disappointed” with Schenck’s plan, moved to reject it, but received no supporting second motion from the others. The commissioner also had said that while she was available 24/7, Schenck had not called her as expected to meet on his plan.
    Other commissioners, including Lynn Allison, who said she had a long discussion with Schenck, asked him to revise the plan to provide more details on the items that were measurable.
    Mayor Ken Kaleel pointed out that not everything is measurable and for some items, “you have to have faith and trust in the job that’s being accomplished.”
    Commissioners had previously given Schenck three months to improve the noted performance.
—  Margie Plunkett

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