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By Steven J. Smith

    HIGHLAND BEACH — Joseph Boscove made his mark as a career engineer with technology giant IBM. But his daughter, Joy Boscove, said his friendliness, generosity of spirit and the ability to guide her and her siblings in life were the endearing traits for which she will always remember him.
    “He was the nicest man I knew in my life and not because he was my Dad,” she said. “He was nice to everybody. You never heard a mean word come out of him. He loved taking walks and riding his bicycle all through the community, up and down A1A. He’d say hello to everybody. Even when he was sick in the hospital, the nurses would tell me how much they enjoyed taking care of him.”
    Mr. Boscove, 86, died on Dec. 9 at his Highland Beach home, where he lived with his wife, Katrinka “Kitty” Boscove, for 44 years. The couple were married for 64 years. Other surviving  relatives are children Gay Lee Bigman and Van L. Boscove and four grandchildren. Services were held Dec. 13 in the remembrance chapel at Boca Raton Mausoleum.
    Joy Boscove said her father was born in New York City and achieved notoriety in engineering circles for designing computer systems used in automobiles.
    “He has four patents for those,” she said. “His systems helped diagnose problems in cars. He made many trips to General Motors on behalf of IBM, because he was their consultant for in-car computer systems.”
    Ms. Boscove added he was an all-around handyman who could fix anything around the house.
    “He was self-taught,” she said. “Plumbing, electricity, woodworking. You name it, he could fix it. He would help his neighbors fix things, too. He was also very active in the community. He was on the Highland Beach planning board for many years.”
    His daughter said her father was dedicated not only to her and her siblings in their formative years, but to her own children as well.
    “Growing up, he took his kids everywhere we needed to be for school, projects, whatever,” she said. “He was always there to take care of us. Also when I became a single mother, he became more of a father to my own kids and encouraged me to manage my money well. He always taught us to put our family first. He was a wonderful man.”

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