When everyone was celebrating the 4th of July, Norman was sitting in a cage waiting for his time to expire the next morning. I received a called on my cellphone from the Animal Control telling me his story. "The family didn't want him, he kept bumping into the coffee table," they said. Though they alerted the family of the slim possibility of their blind dog getting adopted, they left him there anyway. "We'll be there in 20 minutes," I said. Norman's story is a happy one. Once alone and scared he can now see and is in a loving foster home for his recovery. Norman's tail has not stopped wagging and this smile hasn't left his face. But, we need your help. Norman's bill has topped $1,700.00 and that does not include his follow up care. We have a wonderful $1000 matching grant for Norman if we are able to raise the additional $1000. If 50 people donate $10.00 each we will be able to pay for his medication/eye drops. If 15 people donate $20.00 each, we will be able to pay for 3 additional follow up visits. Thank you for being part our our life saving team.


The Tri County Humane Society

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