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Kim Beaumont’s CPA practice is in Boynton Beach.

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    Most people dread the tax season, but one of Kim Beaumont’s favorite things to do is “a big, juicy, complicated tax return, with all kinds of problems.”
    “I’m an analytical person, a problem solver,” said Beaumont, a certified public accountant with more than 30 years of experience and a practice in Boynton Beach. “I think I’ve done well at it because those are some of my better traits.”
    These traits also serve her well in her role as treasurer of Impact 100 Palm Beach County, a charity that awards grants to local nonprofits. “It’s just a fabulous group of dynamic women,” Beaumont said.
    Each member of Impact 100 donates $1,000 per year, and collectively they fund $100,000 grants to initiatives that are voted on by the members at their annual awards event.
    In 2015, four $100,000 grants were awarded and the two remaining finalists each received $18,000. This year’s deadline for new memberships is March 31, in order to participate in the April 19 vote and awards ceremony. The goal this year is $500,000.
    “A lot of women are busy, so the concept of one meeting, one vote, $1,000, is very interesting to them,” said Beaumont.  “Their heart and passion for it is just contagious.”
    Beaumont, who resides in Ocean Ridge with her husband, David, and their two daughters, helped start the Boynton Beach YMCA in 2000, and has been a supporter of Bethesda Hospital.
    She also served for six years as treasurer of Old School Square cultural arts center in Delray Beach, and was a board member and committee chair of the Greater Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce. 
    “As a volunteer, what I bring to the table is my ability to handle finances, as well as a practical, big-picture approach to handling the challenges and accomplishments,” Beaumont said.
    Beaumont, 54, spent her adolescent years helping out on the family farm in Jupiter, where she learned the value of hard work. She and her six sisters, along with their father, did everything from milk the cows to build barns for the animals.
    Her mother volunteered as the leader of the 4H Club for the Jupiter Farms area, taking her own children, as well as about 20 other local children, to county fairs all over the state. “She was always a very hard worker, a great example,” Beaumont said.
    From her parents Beaumont also learned about giving. “They didn’t have a lot of money, but they always gave to the church and to different organizations, no matter what,” Beaumont said. “I always saw that, and they always preached it, and they were always helping their neighbors.”
    From time to time, they also took in foster children.
    Beaumont is a fifth- generation Floridian. Her family history includes, on her mother’s side, the Butts family, who at one time owned most of west Boca and were major green bean farmers, and on her father’s side, the first governor of Florida after the Civil War.
    Her father only recently moved off the family farm in Jupiter, and the 100-acre property will be added to the River Bend Park. Their house (where Burt Reynolds filmed The Maddening) will be turned into a nature center.
    “I feel so blessed in my own family — I love my job, husband, kids — and because there’s so much need in this world, you make the time to give back,” said Beaumont. “It hasn’t always been easy, but I feel called to do that, and an obligation. And the more people we get giving, the better the world will be.”
— Marie Puleo

Where did you grow up and go to school? How do you think that has influenced you?
I was born in Delray Beach and lived by the beach until I was 9. We spent many days at the beach swimming, turtle hunting, having cookouts and bonfires. I have six sisters and many cousins that lived locally so there was always someone to play with. At age 9, we moved to the Jupiter Farms area.
    We had horses, cows, pigs, chickens, etc., and participated in 4-H showing our animals at county fairs around the state. My sisters and I had a lot of responsibility taking care of our animals, including building the fences and barns to house them. My parents made us do it all so we learned at a very young age how to work hard and be responsible.
    I have been back in the Delray area for over 30 years and I love it.

What professions have you worked in? What professional accomplishments are you most proud of?
I graduated from FAU with an accounting degree in 1983 and passed the CPA exam the first sitting. I have been practicing public accounting since 1983 focusing on tax planning and preparation for individuals, business, estate and trusts. I love what I do and I am very proud that all of my staff have been with me for 20 years or more.
What advice do you have for a young person selecting a career today?
Select something you will enjoy, but be realistic about the job opportunities.
How did you choose to make your home in Ocean Ridge?
My husband and I love the ocean, boating and scuba diving.
What is your favorite part about living in Ocean Ridge?
My neighbors and living by the beach.
What book are you reading now? 
I am an avid reader. I enjoy fiction and nonfiction, and of course my tax journals. I just started Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande.
What music do you listen to when you need inspiration?
Pandora, rock ’n’ roll and I enjoy the ’70s dancing music. When I want to relax, I like soft rock.
Have you had mentors in your life? Individuals who have inspired your life decisions?
My parents are both very hard-working people with tremendous integrity and they have influenced me the most. They always told me I could do or be whatever I wanted, if I was willing to work for it, and I found that to be true. Also, my husband; he is much more laid back than I am and helps me stop working and play.

If your life story were made into a movie, who would you want to play you?
Meryl Streep. I just love her as an actress and she is so versatile. She can play me as a beach bum and a cowgirl with a successful career.
Do you remember how young you were when you did your first work for a charity? What was it and how did you become involved?
As a 4-H member we did a lot of community service. When I was age 12, we took some of our horses and cows to Jupiter Elementary School and shared them with the kindergarten and first-grade children. We let them pet the animals, milk the cow, talked about caring for the animals and answered their questions.
    One child asked if I fed the cow a Hershey bar would it produce chocolate milk. They were so cute.
To find out more about Impact 100 Palm Beach County, visit

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