Local authorities gain control of private roads: Briny Breezes

Local authorities in the town of Briny Breezes can now issue traffic citations on private streets. With the unanimous passing of a resolution at March’s Town Council meeting, the town acknowledges that it will accept and exercise traffic control jurisdiction over private streets within the town. Mayor Roger Bennett explains that there was a never need for this type of resolution before, because there wasn’t much of a problem with traffic issues on private roads. However, it is now imperative, he says, as the increasing name recognition of Briny Breezes — since the proposed sale of the park sparked public interest — has led to an increase in traffic and illegal parking. The Briny Breezes corporation will handle the resolution in its April board meeting, passing whatever is needed to give the town police power over the roads. The passing of the resolution led to discussion about a possible reduction of speed limits. Currently, local police cannot ticket anyone going under 25 miles per hour. While it is not certain that this will change, residents got the opportunity to voice their opinions. “That’s one of the main problems in Briny Breezes,” said Bennett. “With the tiny streets, 25 miles per hour looks a lot bigger.”

In other developments from the March 26 Town Council meeting:

• Frank Barba was appointed to fill the vacant alderman seat for a full two-year term. “Us guys are gaining,” Mayor Bennett joked as Barba took his seat with the all-female council. Kathleen Bray was appointed town clerk pro tem and Sharon Kendrigan was appointed council president, both for one-year terms.
• The Department of Transportation is looking into the issue of people running red lights as a safety issue on state road A1A. The Boynton Beach Police Department, meanwhile, is looking at different vendors for red-light cameras, and will keep the town of Briny Breezes posted on its investigation. “It enhances the safety aspect,” Town Attorney Jerome Skrandel said of installing a red-light camera, “but I don’t think it’s a safety thing in and of itself.”
– Florence Kizza

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