Previously suspended City Manager Louie Chapman cost the residents of Delray Beach $15,000 a month due to the current requirement of at least four commissioners voting in favor of a city manager’s termination. As of the settlement, with Chapman agreeing to leave, it was reported the costs skyrocketed to $100,000.
    To avoid this costly and detrimental effect to our city in the future, the three commissioners who voted to terminate Chapman (Mayor Cary Glickstein, Vice Mayor Shelly Petrolia and Deputy Mayor Jordana Jarjura) have proposed a charter amendment requiring just three commissioners’ votes to terminate a city manager.
    We the people get to put our stamp on this one and I’ll be voting a resounding YES for its approval. I hope as many people as possible will do the same.
    If people will not be in Delray Beach on Aug. 26 to vote, they can call the Supervisor of Elections at (561) 276-1226 for early voting information.
Benita Goldstein
Delray Beach

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