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Lantana: Aquatic mural plan floats with mixed reviews

An aquatic- themed mural may soon cover this building on Ocean Avenue. Rendering provided

By Mary Thurwachter

Not everyone saw eye-to-eye on the artistic allure of a proposed mural to cover a new boutique at 228 E. Ocean Ave., but the plan squeaked by with an approval from the Lantana Town Council.

Ryan Cordero, owner of the iconic Old Key Lime House next door — and the petitioner for the mural — said the “aquatic scene would be a nice addition to Ocean Avenue.”

The shop, whose name will remain secret until opening day (also not revealed), will be “painted with an aquatic scene using vibrant pastels for a Lily Pulitzer-inspired dream scene,” Cordero said.

But not everyone at the Aug. 27 town meeting was feeling the dream.

“I’m not an art critic,” said council member Malcolm Balfour, “but it’s a little jumbled up. It’s kind of shock and doesn’t blend that well with the nice coloring of the Old House.”

“But it also has all the colors of Olde Village Pointe right across the street,” Cordero countered.

Vice Mayor Ed Shropshire, who voted against the mural, said his wife loved that sort of style, and, “on a building, it definitely is eye-catching.” Not necessarily his cup of tea, though. He worried about how well the mural would withstand weather and what it would look like after a year or two.

Mayor Dave Stewart, who also voted against the mural, said it reminded him of something you’d see in the ’60s on the side of a Volkswagen van.

“I think there were many vehicles that looked very similar at Woodstock and other places,” Stewart said. “I think Janis Joplin had a Porsche that was painted very similar. I’m sure someone’s trying to do something nice, but it’s just too much. I can’t be in favor of it.”

Council members Phil Aridas, Lynn Moorhouse and Balfour voted to approve. 

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