By Rich Pollack

A former town commissioner, the former director of Florida Atlantic University’s School of Public Administration and an attorney with experience in a regulated industry are among the five residents chosen for Highland Beach’s new Charter Review Board.
Charged with reviewing the town’s charter and making recommendations, the board was selected during a commission meeting last month and includes a member of the town’s financial review board and the former mayor of a Maryland village.
“This is an excellent Charter Review Board because it is so well rounded,” said Mayor Doug Hillman. “The individuals have varied backgrounds that will blend together well.”
The mayor said that it will be important for the panel to view the charter as a constitution for the town and consider how it will affect the town for years to come.
“They have to think down the road,” he said.
Following the board’s review and acceptance of recommendations by the Town Commission, some or all of the proposed changes will be presented to the voters in a referendum.
The board, which is expected to begin meeting this month and to conclude by August, will take a close look at the town’s founding document, which addresses everything from the makeup of the commission to term limits. It also will address the town’s controversial spending cap, which requires voter approval for most projects costing $350,000 or more.
Those selected to serve on the board are:
• Barry Donaldson, an architect who served as a town commissioner for a year.
• Steve Katzki, a financial adviser and the former mayor of Drummond, Maryland.
• Ron Reame, a member of the town’s Financial Advisory Board who owned and operated several businesses in the information systems and financial loan areas.
• Eve Rosen, an attorney who served as general counsel in a regulated industry.
• Khi Thai, a professor emeritus at FAU’s School of Public Administration and that school’s former director.

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