8427547690?profile=RESIZE_710xHighland Beach police managed traffic and residents' frustration with not being able to register and receive a COVID-19 vaccination on the first day they were offered in Highland Beach. While 50 individuals were admitted into the parking lot for their shots, police had to turn away dozens of curious residents who were not able to register for an appointment.

8427549268?profile=RESIZE_710xHighland Beach resident Debbie Miglis was one of the first town residents to receive a shot on Jan 15. She was accompanied by two of her friends.

8427552092?profile=RESIZE_710xBoca Raton resident Joan Lerner was all smiles when she was able to receive her shot but was frustrated because her husband was not able to register in time to receive his.

8427553279?profile=RESIZE_710xHighland Beach residents Michael and Linda Weissman receive their shots from Delray Beach firefighter Tyler Adams and paramedic Chris Hutchinson.

8427554661?profile=RESIZE_710xJust before giving her a shot, Delray Beach paramedic Chris Hutchinson talks with one of the first Highland Beach residents to receive their vaccine to prevent COVID-19.
Photos by Jerry Lower/The Coastal Star


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  • Here's a novel idea...use the voter registration rolls to give out the shots, instead of an online competition.   Resident birth dates are on record; call those residents over 76 years old and invite them to get a vaccine.  Aren't we doing it backwards?    If I may, these photos of young and vital retirees getting shots in their Audi convertibles is a bit off-putting.  They certainly know how to work the website...  Am I the only one that feels this way? 

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