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Gulf Stream: Town manager leaving after two decades

By Steve Plunkett
    Gulf Stream’s town manager, who has worked in Town Hall more than 20 years, has given notice that he is retiring — plenty of notice.
    William Thrasher tendered a resignation letter dated Nov. 1 and effective April 28.
    In it he thanked Mayor Scott Morgan and the Town Commission for giving him the opportunity to serve.
    “This town has benefited mightily from Mr. Thrasher’s service here,” Morgan said in announcing the departure at the Nov. 10 meeting. “Working with Mr. Thrasher has been an educational experience and, I must say, a pleasure.”
    Thrasher, 69, who started as an assistant to the town manager after doing finance work in Pahokee, celebrated his 20th anniversary as a Gulf Stream employee last summer. He came to the town after answering an ad placed by the late Mayor William Koch, whom he considered a mentor.
    Julio Martinez, past president of Place Au Soleil homeowners association, said Thrasher was leaving “some serious big shoes to fill. ... Nobody has more passion for this town than Bill,” Martinez said. “He was at our meetings late at night; he did whatever it took and he did it the right way.”
    Morgan said Thrasher “saved us a lot of money, and he has made a very efficiently run town,” noting that Gulf Stream is a model for quality of life and financial stability. “And to that we owe in no small part to your efforts, Bill.”
    He also said Thrasher enjoyed a deep loyalty from the municipal employees he supervised by being fair but firm, considerate and respectful.  
    “And that speaks volumes about your managerial skills,” Morgan said.
    Thrasher did not elaborate on his plans, saying only “thank you” twice as praise was lavished on him. Morgan said the town manager wanted to “spend time now after all these years” with his wife, Phyllis.
    “I personally will miss your advice and your professional consult,” Morgan said. “And all I can say is thank you and job well done.”

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