By Steve Plunkett

Town police, who monitor a 20 mph speed limit throughout Gulf Stream, will install six stop signs and establish a school zone on Gulfstream Road to slow motorists even more.
Delivery trucks and construction vehicles combine with the town’s lack of sidewalks to create a dangerous situation for pedestrians, Police Chief Garrett Ward said.
The stop signs, both northbound and southbound, will go up on Gulfstream Road and Polo Drive at Middle Road and also on Polo at Lakeview Drive.
“That will clearly slow traffic and it will also address some of the blank corners,” Ward said.
The speed limit would drop to 15 mph in the new school zone on Gulfstream Road between County Road and Lakeview. Non-flashing signs would warn drivers to go slower for three hour-long periods starting at 7:30 a.m. and 1:30 and 3:30 p.m.
“I think when people see a school zone sign they’re going to slow down immediately regardless of the time frame,” Ward said. “We have no sidewalks, so children walking to school are constantly in the street.”
Parents of students at the Gulf Stream School had sought the zone. Parent Scott Fogarty said 45 children from town now walk to school.
“It’s tripled in the last three years.”
“I think we can expect that demographic to continue to grow,” Ward said.                

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