Graduations: Gulf Stream graduates enjoy unique celebration

Given the historic impact of the coronavirus, the 24 students in the class of 2020 may never forget the ceremony honoring their last year at the school.

Gulf Stream School teachers and staff honored graduates with clappers and cowbells. From left are Deborah Handler, Danielle Cooper, Michael Mahady and Megan Bogert.

A car for each student and family provides ample social distancing as a camera beams the June 7 ceremony online.

Aidan Grubman fist-bumps teachers and staff members after receiving his diploma and ringing the school’s bell.

Dr. Gray Smith, the head of school, told the graduating eighth-graders that ‘today’s ceremony is reaching uncharted territory. I hope this is the first, last and only mixed virtual and live graduation ceremony the school and students ever have to endure.’
ABOVE: Board of Trustees President Penny Kosinski, student Tessa Sorenson and Smith.
BELOW: An SUV with a sun roof proved to be the perfect graduation vehicle for Brooke Konrad.

Photos by Rachel S. O’Hara/The Coastal Star

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