Leaving just in time to miss the really hot and humid months, not to mention the dreaded hurricane season? 

7960336674?profile=originalWe will miss you — but we won’t forget to write. 

The Coastal Star publishes all year long, charging right through summer and into fall. 

Our intrepid writers and photographers will continue to keep a watchful eye on what’s new and important to you and your neighbors along the coast. 

If Boca Raton begins to trim sea grapes giving A1A residents a better ocean view, we’ll write about that.

If commissioners in Highland Beach have a change in heart regarding financial backing for the Lyric Chamber Orchestra, we’ll tell you all about it.

We will continue to be there to detail plans for Ocean Strand Park in Boca. And we’ll be there to report on whether or not Highland Beach will keep its temporary manager, rehire the one on paid leave, or bring in someone altogether different.

While we won’t be there to count every single sea turtle egg, or how many hatchlings make the march to the sea, we will write about the turtle season and what the folks at Gumbo Limbo are up to during the summer.

From parties and art shows, from fireworks and summer camps, we will have it covered. And, yes, if a hurricane crosses our path, you can count on us to report on that, too.

Readers often tell us that The Coastal Star is like a newsy letter from a dear friend. To keep those letters coming while you’re away, just sign up for a summer subscription and we’ll mail them to you. You also can find us online at www.thecoastalstar.com.

And, speaking of gone for the summer, you may notice that the Palm Beach ArtsPaper is on a hiatus, too, until the season preview comes out in October. 

In the meantime, ArtsPaper editor Greg Stepanich’s arts column will appear in The Coastal Star. You also can keep up with the arts scene online at palmbeachartspaper.com. 

                                                                       — Mary Thurwachter, Managing Editor


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