Editorial: Transitions and new beginnings



By Scott Simmons, managing editor


When opportunity knocked, I hesitated. Agonized, even.
But when a newspaper in northern Palm Beach County offered me a position to write full-time, I decided to accept.
But acceptance doesn’t mean abandonment.
I will continue to follow news in Boca Raton, Highland Beach and the coastal communities. And I will continue to write headlines, and design pages for The Coastal Star — I even will write the occasional feature.
I am excited to still have a role in the paper.
In a world in which major newspapers are retreating, it is up to smart, home-grown publications like The Coastal Star to educate and enlighten with well-written, beautifully presented stories that matter.
It has been a privilege to be part of The Coastal Star since its inception two years ago.
And I have met fascinating people who make a difference.
Fortunately, there will be a gifted hand guiding coverage of those people.
My friend Mary Thurwachter will assume my editing duties starting this month.
Mary has more than three decades of experience in covering South Palm Beach County, going back to her days at the Delray Beach News Journal. That includes a two-decade career as an editor and writer at The Palm Beach Post. More recently, Mary has offered beautifully written stories for The Coastal Star on endangered landmarks from our past, like Boca Raton’s Luff House.
A former co-worker says Mary has a beautiful spirit.
You will see that spirit in action as Mary coordinates coverage that is important to you: the environment, the coastline and historic treasures.
And Mary will focus on the people behind the news. Let her know what you and your neighbors are doing.
You can write her at  MaryT@thecoastalstar.com.
I am looking forward to reading about you.

 — Scott Simmons, managing editor

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