Editorial: Engagement on the beach leads to 25 years together

Twenty-five years ago, my boyfriend asked me to marry him. We were at the beach near where we were renting in the county pocket. I said yes and we were married a few months later in Boca Raton. On New Year’s Eve.
We honeymooned in the Bahamas, then returned and celebrated with friends and family at the Seagate Club in Delray Beach. We kept it small and we kept it local.
It hasn’t always been a breeze. We’ve been through job changes, health issues and far more funerals than baby showers. We even called it quits for a year, then agreed that working on our communication skills and setting some realistic expectations were a small price to pay for a relationship that was grounded in love.
One thing we’ve learned through the years is to avoid the words “should’’ and ‘‘shouldn’t.” Finding more flexible replacement verbs has made a difference not only in my marriage, but in my life.
Try it, it works.
Starting a business together would not have been possible if we still drew lines in the sand.       Flexibility is the key to moving forward and I plan to embrace that philosophy in 2011: I’ll be more flexible with my time, with my money and with my expectations.
So even though my husband and I will be delivering this newspaper on our silver anniversary and my romantic notion of going to Paris has been squashed by deadlines and cash flow, we’ll still get away for a few days between editions.               
A good bottle of champagne, a fresh baguette from our favorite French bakery (and maybe some truffles) will go a long way toward celebrating this milestone in our marriage. And if we can’t get away? We’ll go down to the beach near our home in Ocean Ridge and pretend we’re 30 years old again. It will be just fine with me if we keep it small and we keep it local. ’Cause in the end, it’s about the love.
I love you, honey. Happy anniversary.

— Mary Kate Leming, Editor

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