Editorial: Art and inspiration transcend seasons

As I walk into my home I’m greeted with an original encaustic painting of a palm. I love the textures and colors. It puts my mind instantly at ease after a hectic day at the office.

Encaustic (or hot-wax painting) is an ancient art form, but the artist who created my painting was not old. She was 66.

Terry Welty — one of the talented “Briny Artists” — died in September. She leaves many, many mourning friends and family members.

In her obituary published in Fenton Michigan’s Tri-County Times, it reads that Terry “loved painting, especially encaustic painting.” She did. I am lucky enough to have known Terry and to own a piece of her work. Today it reminds me how heartache and memories may eventually fade, but art — in all its forms — has the potential to live on and inspire us for generations.

Reading a good book, walking through a sculpture garden or listening to a string quartet inspire me. It’s stimulating to ponder form and physics and the
definition of beauty.

Taking the time to explore the art of others often sends me running home to pick up the pieces of my frequently abandoned novel outline. Oh, how I need the
inspiration of art! Especially after a long, hot summer.

That’s why I’m happy to welcome back the Palm Beach ArtsPaper to our publication.
After a summer reprieve, it’s nice to have back the educated and
insightful musing and reviews of these critics to get me off the porch swing
and out to experience the wonderful art created in our community.

I hope they do the same for you.

In this month’s Boca Raton/Highland Beach edition of The Coastal Star, Hap Erstein takes a look at the State of the Arts in Boca Raton. He’ll be doing the same in our area over the next two months. If
you’d like to read his Boca piece, you can find it on our website at:

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