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Editor’s Note: Why another grab for the brass ring in Briny?

Every season in Briny Breezes there is rumbling from a handful of residents who still believe they were somehow cheated out of their “million” dollars because of the failed Ocean Land sales deal in 2007-2008. Ten years later there are still residents who think they are entitled to make it rich since they are convinced they almost did once before.
This year a group of malcontents has grown exceptionally aggressive and loud. So much so, they’ve intimidated the corporate board of directors into holding discussions on whether to call a vote to determine shareholders’ interest in marketing Briny Breezes for sale.
Why would anyone vote to do this? Look at Briny Breezes! She’s a lovely, classy lady. A natural beauty. There’s no need to put her in a tight skirt and send her out on Federal Highway.
Do some people really believe there’s an investor/developer out there — who can get a billion dollars in financing — who doesn’t already know about the 48 ocean-to-Intracoastal acres of Briny Breezes?
Why would they vote to cheapen the value of this special piece of property by appearing desperate to shed themselves of paradise?
Yes, the cost of maintaining a unit in Briny is increasing. The town is maxed out on what it can tax residents — thanks partly to the failed Ocean Land sale and its depletion of the town’s reserves. And the park has some infrastructure repair needs, many of which are needed now because of the years the park sat idle before, during and after the Ocean Land episode.
Are there people who believe that same inertia won’t happen again if the park is actively marketed? Do they believe there won’t be a fiscal downside for residents from this ridiculous plan?
Briny Breezes offers affordable vacation housing in one of the most desirable locations along the eastern coast of Florida. She’s a bathing beauty on a Florida tourism postcard. There will be suitors. There’s no need to turn on a red light.

— Mary Kate Leming,

Note: Coastal Star owners Mary Kate Leming and Jerry Lower have been Briny Breezes shareholders since 2003.

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