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Editor’s Note: We make the best of a summer slim-down

Slimming down for summer. Those of us who grew up in northern climates are quite familiar with the annual spring diet to prepare for swimsuit season. Of course, in Florida every season is swimsuit season. So here there’s no escaping the inevitable squeeze into an elasticized sausage casing if you’re a woman who wants to get into the ocean. It’s just a fact of modern life.
So is the drop in revenue your community newspaper faces, in common with other local businesses in the summer months.
But it’s something we at The Coastal Star anticipate and adjust to — while still providing you with the news and information you need to be an informed resident.
This summer we are trying a new diet. As our part-time residents go north for the summer, we plan to shrink a size or two.
What you’ll find is that our Home, Health & Harmony section will fold into our Around Town section, and each of our columnists will take a well-earned vacation for at least one month until season begins anew. So, your paper will be a little thinner as it lands in your driveway, but there will be no shortage of news — especially during the critical municipal budgeting season.
And you’ll still find plenty of interesting and well-written stories about people and places in our communities, plus valuable information about places to visit and things to do. Equally important, you’ll find summer deals from our advertisers, as well as continued listings for all the beautiful real estate along the coast.
So, we will be a little slimmer this summer, but that may only make our newspaper look even better as we take a little time to enjoy the beach — and everything else our sliver of paradise has to offer.

— Mary Kate Leming, Editor

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